Winter is Coming.

"Winter is coming." George R. R. Martin's words for the Stark family and Canadians everywhere.

Winter is coming. George R. R. Martin’s words for the Stark family and Canadians everywhere.

Winter is coming, and I’ve got some preparing to do. Although fall has just begun and I love every second of the gorgeous leaves changing color and the crisp cool air, I know in my gut that winter is coming and I need to get ready. It’s time to pull out all my winter sweaters and clothing; to stack that pile of wood for the fire; to do some last minute insulation work in the porch. This will be our first winter with the newest addition to our family – Lily, a dog we rescued from the SPCA this summer. Besides a very serious need for real winter boots (UGG Boots simply will not do for walking wild Lily), my top priority is getting the mudroom winterized.

When we leave Lily home alone, we keep her in our mudroom/laundry room, which used to be the catch-all for everything we drag into the house. Now that a dog occasionally hangs out in there unsupervised, the room is pretty bare and I need to make good use of the closet and built-in cabinets that my man constructed around the washer and dryer. I’ve got big plans for the closet and hope to share that project on here soon – I want to try tiling all by myself which will certainly be an adventure since that work is always handled by my better half.

We’ve both been pretty busy with work, and this weekend was no exception. Given all my running around, I will keep this one short, but wanted to share a few random thoughts on why I love winter while hyping my upcoming tiling adventure (I predict lots of cursing and possibly dropping my phone in cement, but I think it will be a riot).

With the chilly nights rolling in and the sun setting earlier each night, I can already feel that freezing February air in my bones. And, while I dread the impending time change and darkness that follows, I am also a little excited. Fall is always a beautiful time of year, and the first few months of winter aren’t that bad (at least that’s what we tell ourselves in Canada). Plus, I know I will have somewhere to go on those short, bitterly cold dark winter days. I can meet up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Forbidden Forrest; or I can check in with Bran, Arya, and the whole gang at Winterfell. Yes – I am a complete nerd and bookworm. Always have been, always will be. I adore a good story, whether in a book, on film, or even on TV. When the characters are interesting and the plot compelling, I can get completely sucked in and will happily fall into a world that isn’t my own.

The cold and snowy winter weather gives me the perfect reason to stay in and wander through Hogwarts, Westeros, Middle Earth, or any other world I happen upon. So while I might complain about the shorter days and having to layer clothes to keep warm, secretly, I love the opportunity to escape to places created by someone’s imagination. Until then, I’ve got work to do, and a mudroom closet to tackle – stay tuned!



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