Pure Imagination

Imagine this…acres of land, fresh food every single day, knowing with complete confidence where that food has come from…is it a dream? Or could it be a reality? Today I am far away from home, on an extremely short (but seemingly very long) business trip. Next week I have a huge project at work launching; so to say that things are busy on the work side would be a major understatement.

As a result, I am neglecting my self-imposed weekly blog post mandate mainly for the sake of my home life – long hours at work and little time at home with the man and animals makes for a tough situation. But, for the sake of embracing the adventure in my life, I wanted to quickly resume where I last left off – regarding my love of BuzzFeed. I foolishly left this particular post – Fiona Apple Sang “Pure Imagination” From “Willy Wonka” For A Chipotle Ad – off my 17 Reasons To Love BuzzFeed list last week, but in a way, I’m sort of glad I did because I love it so much and Fiona fully deserves the spotlight today.

This song, sung by her, set against this heart wrenching video…I have no words. Watch it and tell me you don’t have the same dream of running away from modern society, starting a farm, and living off the land. Or is it just me?

I discovered this video thanks to my old friend BuzzFeed and these last few days, the song has been stuck in my head. Not the original, magical version that is forever imprinted in my memory from the countless times I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a child – but instead, this haunting and beautiful version by Fiona Apple, which takes on new layers of meaning set against the backdrop of a scarecrow looking deeper into the corporate food industry. The beauty of this video – at least for me – is that it pushes the boundaries of what we hold dear in our lives. “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it,” translated to “look at all the amazing candy in Wonka’s dream factory” when I was little. Set to the scarecrow’s dystopia, those words have revitalized my desire to get back to basics by embracing the simple life and concept of eating local.

Of course, this could just be the jet lag and the fact that I spent about 8 hours in transit today. Or, that winter has arrived earlier than expected and the cold, harsh weather is weighing down on my soul. As the end of 2013 draws closer, I can’t help but think of New Year’s resolutions and I think that top of my list will be to finally start a garden at my house. It is the very least I can do, or perhaps, the best I can do, to “Cultivate a Better World,” as the scarecrow’s sign suggests. And I think it is the right place to start.



  1. biglengies

    You are not alone, but it also might be something in the air or the rapid change of weather, because everything seemed more hopeless about the state of affairs in the world this week. I have been feeling low about it for sure. You write beautifully and that brightens my spirit though, keep on!

    • andrearsh

      Thank you!!! I am so happy to say that I have made my dream vegetable garden a reality, so hopefully soon I’ll be enjoying my own harvest.

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