True Words From an Artist

Continuing with my series of things I love on Pinterest, I present this wonderful quote from a pin that I created a couple months ago. (Sidebar: Creating one’s own pins on Pinterest is a whole other mission! For a long time, I simply re-pinned from the category boards, until I realized that people actually create pins from other websites – duh. Always slow on the technology uptake.)

True Words. Photo via Pepperbox Couture.

True Words. Photo via Pepperbox Couture.

Discovered, not on Pinterest, but here, on WordPress! Starting this blog has been rewarding on many levels, and top of the list is getting that little notification telling me that someone likes my post, or better yet, has decided to follow me. (Thank you, followers! I hope you don’t feel like I am pandering to you, because I honestly feel flattered that anyone is reading.) But it is not just the fun of seeing that someone likes what I have to say, even if my adventures are less than thrilling. What excites me about these notifications are the people behind them, and the community that is WordPress. We are a population of writers, all united in our desire to communicate about something, anything, everything… it is inspiring just thinking of it.

So each time I get a new notification, I take a few minutes to check out my fellow writer’s blog. It is fascinating to see the range of topics that people write about and I always read something new. Over the last few months, I have discovered some excellent blogs and enjoyed every single click. Pepperbox Couture was a great find (eco-concious DIY, need I say more?) and the source of my featured pin this week.

I adore this quote because it rings so true. All of the great stories share the same themes. Fashion and style get recycled decade after decade. Artists emulate their idols. Songs make use of the same chords. And then sometimes, somebody crazy comes out of nowhere and turns everything upside down. Art – Paul Gauguin had it figured out.

In the spirit of this ingenious quote, I attempted to copy the lettering on the chalkboard in my kitchen. All freehand, and without practicing beforehand – clearly a ruler and practice would have been beneficial in retrospect, but I love the finished product anyway.

Plagiarism at its best.

Plagiarism at its best.

I’ve had this quote on the chalkboard for several months and cannot seem to bring myself to erase it…even though I am itching to clean up the lettering!



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