A Love Affair with Cartography

For some unknown reason, I have a thing for maps. Of course, they are extremely practical when it comes to navigation, but I prefer my maps on the walls at home. Instant art, as far as I’m concerned. There is something special about printed maps – they are beautiful renditions of our geography and can be absolutely fascinating if outdated, when borders or names are inaccurate.

Perhaps my love for maps is strange form of nostalgia – map reading is almost a lost art these days, given the proliferation of GPS devices and map applications or online services. Don’t get me wrong, I love my map app as much as anybody else, and I can’t even remember the last time I had a real map in my car. But maps at home? Yep, I’ve got lots.

As I started planning my next show and tell featuring some of my favourite things on Pinterest, it was not surprising to see the recurring map theme on my board, so I figured it was probably time to share some thoughts on cartography and a few of my discoveries from the always inspiring Pinterest.

First, a truly amazing online work of art. Browse around this site and you will be mesmerized by all the incredible maps on here. The watercolor layout is especially stunning.

Courtesy of maps.stamen.com

Photo credit: maps.stamen.com homepage

Second, this adorable DIY concept – Places We’ve Been Together. Sadly the URL on Pinterest directs to an empty page so I am not sure of the source, but I think the idea is sweet. One day, many years from now, after my man and I have travelled the world…I will re-create this little framed homage to our travels.

So cute!! The turquoise wall is pretty great too.

So cute!! The turquoise wall is pretty great too.

And finally, saving the best for last, this amazing video time-lapse of a drive across America. 12,225 miles in five minutes! Watch and adore:

So cool. My initial attraction on to this pin was this map that shows the route the photographer took on his wild road trip. I added it to my board because a long-time dream of mine is to drive across the continent, through both Canada and America.

Photo credit: PictureCorrect.com

Photo credit: PictureCorrect.com

If ever I can make my dream a reality, I will absolutely buy some classic printed maps for the ride…and then turn them into little framed hearts or simply pin them to my walls at home.



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