Seaside Treasures at Home

It has been several weeks since I last played show and tell, so I think it’s time for another round of things I love on Pinterest. We’ve looked at a great quote in chalkboard lettering, my inexplicable obsession with maps, the fantastic truth that we are all wild animals, and inspiring words from writers.

Today I was gazing at these little bits of sea glass on my mantel, and daydreaming about the ocean. These gems were collected along the Pacific Ocean from a magical place in British Columbia. Accordingly, they have a special place of honour in an antique bottle that I picked up for a few dollars at my local flea market.

Seaside Treasures in a Bottle

This find on Pinterest inspired me to share my seaside treasures because I am all for bringing elements and colours from the ocean into the home. 

Photo via Birch + Bird

Photo Credit: Birch + Bird

As usual, when I re-pinned this lovely photo, I didn’t bother to click through to see the source. I am so glad I finally did, because it brought me to this gorgeous post from Birch + Bird with an excellent collection of ocean-inspired home decor. The author pulled a beautiful sampling of the many ways you can infuse the beach-y feel of an seaside property into any room, even if you are far away from the water.

Since I personally live several hours away from any significant body of water, I love to keep salty mementos throughout my house to remind me of the powerful (yet serene) sound of gentle (or heavy) waves rolling onto a beach. My family makes an annual pilgrimage to the Atlantic Ocean at the end of each summer and seeing tokens of that trip (and many others to B.C.) brighten my day.

Sea glass is particularly special to me, and I have always wondered why. Maybe these rough gems are a good metaphor for life – we are all little bits of sparkly glass that are shiny and new when we are young. We can be a little be dangerous because we’ve got sharp edges and don’t necessarily know that we can hurt others. But over time, we get banged up and we lose some of our shine; we get rough around the edges and are simultaneously weathered and smooth. We are all unique, in different shapes and sizes and colours. And we are all a little magical. At least that’s how I see it on this philosophical Sunday!


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