Easy Crafting & Sunday Tumbling

A not so very long time ago, I became a Pinterest addict and have shared numerous entries (here, here, here, here, here, oh and here) from my favourite board called “I Love This”. It started as a breeding ground for odd interests and random things that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. It was my personal playground for things I liked (and of course things I loved). And over time, other boards have sprung into existence as offshoots of the I Love This board – including a Dream DIY & Crafts board for all the wild and beautiful crafty projects I have found on Pinterest and hope to tackle one day.

Of these, a few fun ideas have remained on my original love board, just to help me remember where the board started and to remind me of where it can go. Today I’m sharing an idea that is featured on both boards in different iterations. I’m certain that this probably tops a list of most popular pins, because it just seems too easy and too good to be true:

White Porcelain Mugs + Sharpie Marker + 350°F Oven + 30 Minutes = Fabulous DIY Mugs!

Photo Credit: <a href="http://sterlingstylelove.tumblr.com" target="_blank">Sterling Style</a>? <a href="http://www.pinterest.com/pin/516436282240927912/" target="_blank">Pinterest</a>?

Photo Credit: Sterling Style? Pinterest?

So as usual, I had re-pinned the above picture and forgotten to click through to the website…which I did today, annnnnd that was about an hour ago because I have been scrolling through this beautiful Tumblr looking at gorgeous images of home decor, fashion, photos, miscellaneous gold gems, etc. Is Sterling Style Love my Internet spirit animal? Who is this mysterious Tumblr owner that has posted image after image that I cannot get enough of?**

**Sidebar: I have shared in the past that I am always slow on the uptake when it comes to technology, and I have to admit that until today, I never really knew what Tumblr was. I am still not sure, unless it literally means that you are tumbling into a black hole of things that you love on the Internet and there is no escape and OH MY I CANNOT STOP SCROLLING.

The above pin’s twin is this straightforward one that I found on one of my beloved BuzzFeed posts, which linked out to give handy instructions on A Beautiful Mess. It really was as easy as the above instructions imply.

As luck would have it, I had my own white porcelain mugs sitting in the cupboard, just wasting away as boring white mugs inherited during a move many years ago. As a personal Sharpie lover, I had a silver marker just itching to jazz up one of the mugs, and classic black waiting for the other.


The final result? Meh…it might be a little more exciting if I was an amazing artist or had been a little more patient when I drew on the stars. (I’m not even showing you the opposite side of the mug on the left where one star turned into a jumbo star that is officially trying to eat the baby stars. Oh boy.) But in terms of instant satisfaction for an easy Sunday DIY, I am feeling pretty great. Although…that might just be the Tumblr talking. Excuse me while I go spend another hour scrolling…



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