Animal Lovers and Haters

We’re animal lovers in this house. We’ve got three furry children who brighten our days: Lily the silly dog, the newest addition to our family (although she’s not that new anyone since her one year adoption anniversary is just around the corner); Rupert the grumpy cat, our very first pet who is still bitter about losing his only child status; and Penny, the sweet but sassy middle child who looks like she could be Rupert’s kid sister even though we adopted them a few years apart.


Though we joke about it, I think we would happily become crazy cat people if we lived on a huge property and could afford the food. And we’ve been talking about getting Lily a buddy to keep her company during the day, even though we both know that a second dog at this point in our lives would be absolutely insane. But we can’t help it – we’re just animal lovers. Could you look at these faces every single day and not feel the same way?







Our sweet and cuddly companions love us unconditionally and we love them right back. Even when Rupert attacks Lily around dinnertime when he’s hangry (a scary combination of hungry and angry – I think he inherited the trait from me). Even when Penny wakes us at 4AM with shrill kitten mews that seem impossibly loud considering how small she is. Even when Lily gets lonely and scratches up the beautiful bench in our mudroom that was handmade by my talented man. Even when they are driving us crazy, we still love them – because they are our babies.

So there’s no doubt – I’m an all around animal lover, with one exception. I am an animal hater when unseen creatures somehow sneak into my nascent vegetable garden and dig up my beautiful baby plants.


When we started planning for our garden, we knew that a fence would be critical since we live in a moderately rural area with lots of sneaky wild animals living in the woods around us. I thought the fence would suffice – it is tall enough and just flimsy enough to make it too hard for raccoons to climb. But somehow we keep finding little holes around the roots of our plants nearly every single morning. I keep re-planting my baby plants, gently scooping earth up around the roots and setting things right, but my efforts are beginning to feel fruitless! (Vegetableless?)

We suspect that squirrels are the culprits – those sly and conniving rodents most certainly have the means to jump from our deck onto the frame of the fence and down into the garden. And they just look guilty. We’ll have to add some kind of fencing or something over the top of our garden to prevent them from jumping in – or maybe I will just send these two on a mission to rid our yard of those squirrel delinquents.


Don’t let the sleepy faces fool you – Penny (on the left) is a cold blooded killer and has already hunted down two or three mice in our basement!



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