Savouring The Summer Solstice

The longest days of the year are the very best in my opinion, and I am finally ready to openly admit it: June is absolutely my favourite month. Those that know me might argue that I have a strong bias since I celebrate my birthday, my man’s birthday, and our anniversary in June…but I honestly think I would still pick this month over any other, even if I didn’t have those special occasions packed in. The days are hot (but not too hot), the sun sets later and later as we approach the solstice, there is an explosion of lush greenery that seems to take over, and there’s an electric feeling in the air – Summer. Also: Lilacs.


The sweet irony of June is that the longest days also seem to be the ones that go by the fastest, and the saying really is true: time flies when you’re having fun. Every weekend has been packed with mini road trips to the cottage, tending to the garden, playing ball with the dog, soaking up the sun, and visits with friends. Just as the vegetation around the house comes to life in the latter weeks of Spring, so too do all the people that have been in hibernation all Winter (myself included) and it has been great getting out of the house. Not so great: forgetting all about keeping up with my writing! But rather than getting stressed out about it, I’ve resolved to remind myself that it is June – my favourite month – and I should enjoy these summery days that will be a distant memory sooner than I’d like to admit.

So instead I’m going for the whole thousand words in a picture thing…starting with a few shots from my incredible vegetable garden which has amazingly (and maybe magically) sustained itself for a full month. Nearly everything is thriving, even with the rogue squirrels, now confirmed as the villains digging up my garden – I caught them tearing it up over dinnertime a couple weeks ago!

The lettuce is outrageously abundant and gorgeous – I’ve already harvested a few times and eaten the most delicious simple salads you can imagine. (Well…I won’t leave you guessing: the secret is lemon juice, olive oil, lots of salt & pepper, some grated carrot, and LOTS of fresh herbs.)


The tomato plants are almost as tall as me and I’ve spotted two baby cherry tomatoes already, growing out of the incredible little yellow flowers blooming off of the sturdy stems. (They still smell great by the way.)


And most shocking of all: the zucchini plants are enormous! They are starting to take over the lettuce area, with huge leaves that look like they come from a prehistoric era. As I was picking some lettuce tonight, I noticed that the stems from the zucchini were picking against my arm – they are almost spiky, never knew.


Not doing so well: the cucumber plants, which sort of just checked out a couple days after we planted. There’s one in the very back corner that seems to be holding on, but he’s hiding out behind the zucchini and I suspect that they might try to strangle him overnight.

I suppose time will tell.



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