A Very Special Day


Starting the August round of my summer photo series at the end of August feels a little odd. (What happened!? Where did this month go?) But I think I might have been subconsciously holding out this whole time just to kick things off on August 26. Today is special for two reasons: First, it is my older sister’s birthday. (Not where she is! It is long past midnight in Europe, where she is currently living a real life adventure.) Second, I harvested my first large tomato from the backyard. It’s been raining cherry tomatoes for weeks, but today’s harvest was particularly spectacular with the big addition. The cucumbers are a little stunted – I don’t really know why they stopped growing, but it doesn’t bother me because they still taste great. They look like they would be perfect as oversized dill pickles – a delicacy the birthday girl would certainly enjoy…so here is my gift to you, sister. Imaginary dill pickles and my heart shaped tomato!


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