New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year! I’m not really big on making resolutions at the start of the year – by mid-February I usually completely forget or abandon what I set out to do, so the entire endeavour seems pointless. That being said, I do want to commit to one basic goal in 2015 – keeping myself nourished by meal planning on a weekly basis.

I know. This shouldn’t even qualify as a goal or resolution since nourishment is a critical human requirement, but weekly meal planning just doesn’t come naturally to me – something I both want and need to change. A few weeks ago I shared some tips for meal planning and since then I’m happy to say that I have been keeping it up! (This might have been due to the fact that I also had some time off work so was able to dedicate more time than usual in the kitchen, but I still feel proud of myself.) There are so many great reasons to meal plan: saving money by planning meals with common ingredients so you waste less food, preventing the dreaded black hole of take-out and delivery, better controlling your diet by planning healthy meals, growing your repertoire of favourite recipes… All good stuff.

So while it’s a basic goal that probably comes naturally to the rest of the operating population around me, my intended adventure for 2015 is to continue making weekly menus so we don’t starve… And I’m taking it a step further by making myself publicly accountable on this lovely global platform. Moving forward, every menu written on the chalkboard in our kitchen will be featured here, combining many different loves in my life, all in one place – writing on this blog, playing with the chalkboard, food, food, and more food.


Here’s my meal plan for this week.

Sunday: My man has dinner covered tonight so I’m going to spend the afternoon in the kitchen making a double batch of my all-time favourite Bolognese sauce and freezing most of it so we can have some on reserve over the next few weeks. I’m also going to try out this Chickpea Feta Parsley Salad that I found via Pinterest so I can have a hearty salad for lunch during the week.

Monday: A fantastic Beef and Broccoli recipe (also found on Pinterest) which is a perfect easy weeknight meal that I’ve made once before. When I’m home from work I’ll make the marinade quickly and then let the meat sit for the hour it takes to cook the brown rice and prep the rest of the ingredients. It comes together really quickly and tastes amazing.

Tuesday: Knock-Off P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps (also found on Pinterest). There’s a bit more prep work with this recipe (I’m looking at you, ginger and water chestnuts!) but it cooks so fast, it’s worth it. We like to eat these with a small portion of white rice on the side or even wrapped up with the lettuce and meat.

Wednesday: Leftovers and/or scavenging. I’ll probably have a smorgasbord of the previous two nights of food but I’m betting that my man will defrost some spaghetti sauce even though we’re planning that on…

Thursday: Bolognese for the win!

Friday: Amir take-out for some delightful shish taouk chicken and garlic sauce yummmm. (Is it Friday yet!?)

I sense it is time to sign off. All this talk of food is getting me hungry, and with the dreary cold outside I am anxious to get cooking so we can get some heat going in the kitchen, literally and figuratively. Cheers to food and adventures in 2015!



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