On the Menu: Simplified Planning

After last week’s option overload, I decided to test myself by trying to get through my meal planning in less than 30 minutes this morning. The result? There’s no recipe testing this week and instead we’re sticking with simple meals that we’ve had many, many times. It feels a little boring, but we also had a busy weekend with some family visiting from out of town so there hasn’t been as much time for cooking as I’d usually like – and it’s not like my kitchen is going anywhere.


Sunday Food Party: It’s about time for another batch of my Bolognese pasta sauce, since there’s none left in the freezer and it’s really our most adored and desired of all the recipes I can make. Also the blizzard outside is getting me down, so the smell of my Bolognese is giving me a little sensory therapy.


The sauce has been simmering all afternoon and meanwhile I’ve thrown together a couple salads for this week’s lunches. First, a simple egg salad featuring hard boiled eggs mashed with a bit of mayonnaise, some salt, pepper, and lots of dill – perfect for a high protein sandwich. And second, this excellent Black Bean and Corn Salad that I found on Pinterest a long time ago – thankfully my sister recently made this recipe and reminded me of how good it is!

Monday: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. We never got around to using the broccoli from last week’s menu due to an unexpected family dinner, so we’re putting it to work tomorrow in this cheesy dish that is modern comfort food personified.

Tuesday: Napolitana Lentil Stew with Spicy Sausages. The recipe for the lentil stew includes tomatoes, feta, black olives, capers… mmmm. This vegetarian dish (with modifications for my meat-lover) is from Ross Dobson’s Market Vegetarian, another fantastic cookbook that my mom sourced for me a few years ago. I can’t remember the last time I made a recipe from this book and flipping through the pages this morning made me long for fresh produce from my garden! I’m definitely feeling inspired to dust this book off once I’ve got some goods growing in my backyard.

Wednesday: I’m out for dinner in the city so my man’s on his own… And I’m about 110% sure that he’ll be enjoying some Bolognese in my absence!

Thursday: Steak or Chicken with Salad and Rice. We’ve got both proteins in the freezer so we’ll decide later this week.

Friday: My favourite takeout dinner, Amir. We might skip town for the weekend so there’s also a chance that we’ll go for something else on a whim.


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