On the Menu: Repeat Offenders

If I thought I wasn’t in the mood to meal plan last week, then I severely underestimated how much February tends to eat away at my levels of productivity and happiness. The struggle is real, and I’m just grateful that this is the last full week of February so we can move forward with the tiniest of steps toward warmth and sunshine. Bring it on, March! (Alas, another painful month in the never-ending-Canadian-winter-marathon, but I’ll take it.)

To say that I am currently uninspired where meal planning is concerned would be an understatement… but I do have two secret weapons to keep me going. First, my unyielding love of food, which keeps me hungry and salivating as I click through Pinterest to source new recipe ideas, even if I don’t necessarily feel up to trying them this week. And second, my man, who does more than his fair share in the kitchen. This morning he got me out of my funk by suggesting nearly every single meal on the chalkboard this week, ultimately creating an all-star menu of our favourite dishes that already feel like repeat offenders in 2015.


Deja Vu Sunday Food Party: Thai Tuna Salad for lunch, and our Bolognese pasta for dinner. These are definitely repeat offenders as I’ve made both of these dishes within the last two or three weeks – the former is a new find that I couldn’t wait to try again, and the latter is a true all-star favourite at our house. As always, I’m making a double batch of the Bolognese to freeze so we’ll be all set through the month of March with a freezer stocked to the brim with this tasty sauce.

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie, an easy all-star recipe that both my man and I can make with our eyes closed.

Tuesday: One-Pot Chicken, Rice, and Peas. This is only new recipe that we’ll be trying this week because I couldn’t let myself skip my usual recipe-testing reserved for Sunday… So instead we’re going to give this a shot on Tuesday (and I suspect we won’t be disappointed since this is relatively close to our old standby of Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice).

Wednesday: Spaghetti Squash with Sausage-Tomato Sauce, another repeat offender that we recently tested and added to our running list of great weeknight meals.

Thursday: Steak, Broccoli, and Rice – the old classic, made by my better half.

Friday: Amir Takeout, yummm.


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