On the Menu: A Fresh Start

Spring has arrived! Or for those of us living in Eastern Canada, spring has almost-sort-of-kind-of-maybe started its late arrival! Either way I’m very excited – I can see little patches of yellow grass in my backyard and the sun feels warmer with every passing day. With the start of this new season, I’m going to try to get a fresh start on my regular practice of meal planning – which those who follow this blog may have noticed has been all but abandoned for the last month.

In my defence, one week of planning went out the window following my return from a mini-vacation, the next week I was out almost every night of the week for work, and the week after that my man begged me to forego my meticulous menu crafting for his idea of a meal plan – which is buying what he likes at the grocery store and deciding what to eat for dinner at 6PM. To be honest, it was nice to have a break and to share some of the load with my partner, who suggested that we take alternating weeks in the kitchen so we both get a chance to set the menu as we see fit. This means that I may not post my chalkboard concoctions as often, but it feels like a good compromise and I know I’ll be happy as the days get longer and summer rolls in.


Sunday Food Party: I decided to go for some classic dishes this Sunday. First, a double batch of my Turkey Taco Chili – half to freeze and half to enjoy as a no-cook dinner later this week. Second, the always delightful Thai Tuna Salad which has become a staple on the chalkboard over the last few months – this makes a great workday lunch and is packed with sesame flavourful goodness. Third, a beautiful Roast Beef for dinner with Yorkshire Pudding and Green Beans – yummmm, plus we’ll have lots of leftover meat for sandwiches one night this week.

Monday: PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps – so simple, so tasty, and oh so good. My man and I have gotten really good and throwing this meal together in record time so it’s an excellent Monday night dinner for us.

Tuesday: Roast Beef Sandwiches with the leftover Sunday roast. Fresh sandwich buns, a little mayonnaise, a little horseradish, perhaps even some thinly sliced Cheddar Cheese – perfection.

Wednesday: Fajita Chicken Bake – a new recipe that I found on Pinterest that sounds super easy and very tasty!

Thursday: Turkey Chili from my Sunday batch.

Friday: Takeout from Amir, yum.


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