On the Menu: Sisterly Love

What a difference a week makes! Last Sunday it felt like the snow would never melt but today all I can see is blue sky, yellow-green grass and best of all, MY DRIVEWAY. Thanks, Mother Nature!


Sunday: I’m skipping my Sunday food party so we can enjoy the sunshine and (more importantly) wrap up the renovation upstairs – a couple coats of paint in the closet and some scrubbing in the bedroom and we’ll finally be done! For lunch, I hard-boiled some eggs to make an egg salad with some extra for lunch during the week. For dinner, I’m making pan-fried breaded chicken with a big salad and this One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta which I’ve been quite excited to try since it involves pasta and cheese, my two favourite foods.

Monday: We’re going to make this Humus Bassar dish recommended by my older sister, along with some garlic sautéed spinach and fresh pitas on the side. She sent me her homemade recipe a few months ago when I started my meal planning series, and it sounds like a fantastic and simple weeknight dinner: Cook 6 diced onions and ground beef, add some cumin, salt and pepper; fill a shallow soup bowl with humus and smother with olive oil; add the ground beef on top of the humus and top with toasted pine nuts. Thanks, Sister!

Tuesday: Chinese Hamburgers (ground beef, onions, garlic, soy sauce cooked all together and tossed into giant leaves of lettuce with a honey-hoisin sauce).

Wednesday: Dinner with my younger sister – probably a no-cook night since she’s coming over to help me re-assemble my closet upstairs. Thanks, other Sister!

Thursday: The old standby – Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice.

Friday: To be determined – maybe some take out, maybe some defrosted Turkey Chili from the freezer… who knows, if this amazing weather keeps up, maybe something on the BBQ!


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