On the Menu: Weekend Extension

The weather is GORGEOUS today! I’m keeping this post short and sweet so I can get myself outside ASAP to get my hands dirty in the garden. Who doesn’t love a long weekend? It’s Victoria Day tomorrow so I have one more day in this beautiful weekend and it’s just making me oh so happy. The weekend has been jam-packed already (Shopping for the Garden! Gardening! Arts and Crafts! Cleaning!) and there’s still another day and a half to go, yay! Where do I sign the petition to make 3-day-weekends mandatory year-round?


Sunday: Double Bolognese. It’s been too long since I last made my classic meat sauce, so we’re going to feast on this tonight with some garlic bread and I’m doubling the batch so we can freeze a couple containers for the coming weeks.

Monday: Ginger Sesame Chicken Salad by Curtis Stone. I found this on Pinterest and I am hoping it will become a new favourite. We never cook with or eat cabbage so this should be interesting to try!

Tuesday: I’m going a little crazy this week and trying TWO new recipes – whoa guys, whoa. Maybe it’s the long weekend and the certainty that I won’t be in the office for 5 full days or maybe it’s just because these long Spring days are giving me more energy, but either way I’m feeling up to being adventurous in the kitchen this week. I’m going to make this White Bean Ragout with Toast – it makes my mouth water whenever I read the recipe so I think that’s a good sign. Since it’s a vegetarian dish, I’m going to make a few Italian Sausages on the side for my meat-loving man, so I’m sure there will be plenty leftover for lunch too.

Wednesday: Chicken Broccoli Rice – my man’s staple dish.

Thursday: Turkey Taco Stuffed Peppers, an old favourite of mine owing to the simplicity of the recipe and super tasty homemade taco seasoning that I have in the pantry. (I haven’t bought a taco kit in at least a year because this mix is SO MUCH BETTER, especially with none of the weird preservatives and strange sounding ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.)

Friday: To Be Determined! I’m leaving it open for take-out or a social outing or possibly one of the above meals if we end up getting delivery earlier in the week (which usually happens around Wednesday when we both hit our mid-week slump).


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