On the Menu: Pre-Vacay Goodies

The countdown is on. Well… it’s been on for a few weeks now, but I’m FINALLY in the last stretch – I have 5 working days until I take 3 full weeks off work, and I’m starting to feel extreme levels of excitement. This is pretty standard; my job is hectic on the best of days so it’s as though I am just in a whirlwind tornado of insanity the last few days before I take time off, so much so that I can’t really appreciate how much I am looking forward to the break until I exit the building on my last day and feel that palpable weight off my shoulders along with the sweet taste of freedom.

This time around is no exception. My week is already shaping up to be pure madness at work, so come Friday I will be doing the happiest of happy dances at 6PM when I walk out the door of the office. (Please, pretty please, let it be 6PM that I finish and not later!)

The menu this week has been designed knowing that the next 5 days will be high on the intensity barometer – so the plan is all about fast, easy, minimal effort, and lots of leftovers.


Weekend Food Party: On Saturday night I made Stuffed Peppers with a salad on the side. There’s something about the mix of ground beef and rice and onions and garlic that feels so right – it’s definitely what I’d call comfort food. Although I’m only cooking for one, I still stuffed two peppers so I can have leftovers for lunch on Monday.

For dinner tonight, this Italian Sausage Bake, which is currently roasting in the oven / smelling incredible. Granted, one shouldn’t really need a recipe for such a basic dish (roast veggies and meat, eat) but I’ve actually pinned this twice on my “Gotta Try This Recipe” board on Pinterest, so clearly I was feeling drawn to Katie’s Cucina and had to give this specific recipe a try. I’ve cut down on the ingredients ever so slightly since I am not feeding a crowd, but there will still be plenty left for dinner and lunch later this week.

Monday: Ginger Sesame Chicken Salad. I tried this recipe from Curtis Stone once and fell in love, so I’m looking forward to making it for the second time ever. As always, I am certain that I will have leftovers of this salad, so I will probably plan to spread it out over a couple days for lunch at work.

Tuesday: Freezer Food! There’s quite the build-up of goodies in my freezer from the last couple of weeks and months (Turkey Chili, Chicken Enchilada Casserole, Mac n’ Cheese) so I’m going to plan to defrost something – most likely the chili – to enjoy this week on a night that I’m going to be late getting home from the office.

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: Leftovers galore. Seriously, even with the few meals planned and noted above, I think I will have too much food in the fridge. Plus my older sister comes into town on Friday (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!) so I’m pretty sure something will happening with the family that evening. Three cheers for vacation time!!!


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